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About Jake and Jennifer


We are Jake and Jennifer Moreland, owners of Two Birds Photography.
We work out of our home in the Chicago suburbs, although we always have our passports at hand and we love road-trips!
Just ask us!

Our cute little outdoor wedding in 2006 created the perfect union of a photographer and a designer.
As a husband-and-wife team, we have worked side by side from the beginning and founded Two Birds Photography in 2008.

Working with each other has been an awesome experience, and owning our own business has been enriching beyond anything we imagined.
When we work with each other, our goal is to capture who you are and the amazing love that you share!

Our individual strengths blend seamlessly to create a beautiful end-product we know you’ll treasure for years to come.

We are the proud parents to our three awesome sons: Gray, Bear and Milo
who we fondly refer to as our unpaid interns.
At home we share our quarters with our two Senior-aged Boxers, our blind cat, and usually a foster dog, or kitten!
It’s a full house, and absolutely bursting with love!

Animal Rescue is a great passion of ours, and we are excited to make a donation to Second City Canine Rescue in honor of every couple that books us for their wedding photography!

Please give us a call, or shoot us an email to set up a time to chat!
We would love a chance to work together to capture your love-story!